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Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona
still serving the most vulnerable during COVID-19

During this time, we need your support. Individuals and families we serve need CCS more than ever. With shortages in funds and a lack of basic supplies for so many, our response needs to be immediate.

Donations to the Relief Fund will go toward the immediate needs of our clients such as food, diapers, personal care supplies, and rental assistance fund. Many of our clients are out of work during this crisis. The COVID-19 outbreak is especially difficult for veterans, families experiencing homelessness, those in low-income housing, victims of domestic violence, and more. You can be a part of helping us to continue our life-saving work.

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How We Have Adapted

Catholic Community Services has made major adjustments to the way we operate in order to ensure the safety of our clients, staff, and volunteers.

Essential Programs and Services Remaining Open

• Domestic Violence Shelters
• Housing Programs:  Transitional Housing, Older Adult Housing – limiting use of common areas
• Child Welfare:  Primarily remote services - Foster Care, In Home, Families First
• Community Living for people with developmental and physical disabilities
• Childcare and After School programs:  Open for essential workers to go to work, including CCS staff
• Casa Alitas:  Reducing operations to serve as needed

Remote Services

• Counseling:  Use of remote delivery approved by licensing and funding
• Interpreting for the Deaf
• Refugee Services:  Also includes adapting in-person interaction
• Immigration Services:  Combination of in-person and remote services
• Gila County Case Management for Older Adults:  Providing remote services
• A Better Loan Experience:  Providing an alternative to payday loans

Adapted Delivery of Services

• Nutrition Services:  Prepared meals modified to limited or no contact food distribution
• Tax Preparation:  Move to full remote with limited interaction because low income people need their tax refunds now more than ever.
• Save our Home and Emergency Rent:  Combination of remote and in-person
• Food Box Distribution:  Modified to limited or no contact distribution

Programs and Services On Hold

• Adult Day Health as of March 23, 2020
• Community Outreach Program for the Deaf - Vocational Services

Programs Under Assessment

• St. Jeanne Jugan Ministry:  Care facilities are closed to outside visits.  Assessing how to continue support using remote methods.
• Kolbe Society:  Prisons and jails closed to outside visits.  Assessing how to continue support using remote methods.