Transportation: The Bisbee Bus

Providing public transportation is not a common service for a non-profit human service organization, but in rural communities, the lack of transportation can pose some significant barriers for the residents. That’s why Catholic Community Services in Southeastern Arizona operates the Bisbee Bus.

People without other means of transportation in Old Bisbee, San Jose, Naco, Saginaw, and Warren depend on this service to get to and from their jobs, school, medical appointments, and even grocery shopping.

The fare is just $1.00 per ride, and special fares and passes are available for students, seniors and persons with disabilities. Drivers may deviate a short distance from the regular route to pick up and drop off persons as the schedule allows. Prior day notice is required and an additional fee of 50 cents per person is charged.

How to participate:

The Bisbee bus runs Monday through Saturday. Bisbee Bus Schedule.

Service Provider:

How You Can Reach Us:

Documents & Forms:

Locations Available:

    • Warren
    • San Jose
    • Saginaw
    • Naco
    • Bisbee

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