Meet Cassandra

Cassandra didn’t really think she had an addiction problem when she entered CCS-Yuma’s Arizona Families FIRST program, but she knew she needed to learn how to stay sober.

She had been arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana and had lost custody of her son for a few months. He was back in her care, and she didn’t want to lose him again.

At CCS-Yuma, Cassandra began attending a 3-hour class once a week and meeting with a counselor every other week. As she heard the experiences of others and shared her own, she began to see things as they were.

“I learned more about myself and saw that I have addictive behaviors,” said Cassandra. “I saw that a lot of things were my fault.”

Nery, Cassandra’s counselor, helped her understand what brought on her cravings and how to redirect her thoughts and behaviors. She also helped Cassandra see traits in herself that made her vulnerable to abusive relationships—another area of concern when it came to her son’s safety.

Cassandra and her son started attending the program’s monthly “Family Night,” where she learned how to have fun without using drugs or alcohol and also how to play and bond with her son.

Today, Cassandra has been sober for over a year. She’s proud of the progress she’s made. “It’s really hard to change, but Nery helped me through it,” said Cassandra. “I recognize better now my behaviors and emotions, and I’m a better mom to my son.”

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