Meet Dianna and Tim

When Dianna and Tim went to Sierra Vista’s “Christmas with a Cop” event in December 2015, they never dreamed how their lives would change.

As a police officer, Tim was there to escort foster children on a shopping trip through a store. Dianna was there to assist, and as she moved about, she took notice of a charming two-year-old girl named Emma. Learning that the girl’s foster care arrangement wasn’t working out, she got an idea. Later, when she found Tim to tell him, there was Emma, leading him by the hand. Out of all the officers, Emma had chosen Tim!

“She’s going to need a new home soon, I told him. And he said, ‘Ok.’ And just like that, our lives changed!” Dianna beamed.

The couple immediately turned to CCS-Sierra Vista and found out, as they hoped, that ordinary people like them could be foster parents and adopt. “You just need to be a decent person with love and compassion,” Dianna reflected.

They joined the foster/adopt program and started on the coursework, paperwork, and requirements. Their caseworker bent over backwards, said Dianna, to make them Emma’s next foster parents. In May 2016, Emma came into their care, and in November 2016, at a National Adoption Day event held at, of all places, the police department, Emma joined Dianna and Tim’s family permanently.

Dianna, Tim, and their two 20-year-old sons are experiencing life anew with Emma. “She has challenges to overcome, but our family adores her,” said Dianna. “She has us wrapped around her fingers.”