A New Direction for a Young Mother

After two years at Merilac Lodge, Moriah got full custody of her daughter.

Moriah’s mother was a drug addict for as long as Moriah could remember, and it took a huge toll on her young life. At 13, Moriah was taken into foster care. She moved from group home to group home, finding nothing to calm the raging inside her. After four years in foster care, she ran away to rejoin her mother, got addicted to meth, and started a destructive cycle all over again with her own 7-month-old baby girl. A tip-off to police, however, set her on a different course. They gave her a choice: lose her child or go with her child to live at CCS-Tucson’s Merilac Lodge and get her life in order. Moriah was determined to keep her baby and chose Merilac Lodge, but she wasn’t happy about the conditions; she hated the rules, the expectations, the drug tests and treatment, the classes, the limitations on her time with her daughter. But slowly, as she got sober, and with the constant support and love of the staff, Moriah began to see that a better life was possible. She learned things—how to resolve conflicts, parent her child, and manage money. She saw that a life free of drugs was just a whole lot easier. After two years at Merilac Lodge, Moriah got full custody of her daughter and moved into her own apartment, things she never could have accomplished without Merilac Lodge. “I don’t know where I’d be today or if I’d even have my baby with me. The staff stood by me from day one. I am so grateful to them!”