Infant Adoptions

Since 1947, children, birth parents, and adoptive families have counted on Catholic Community Services to provide professional adoption services that attends to the needs of everyone involved.

We serve families from Cochise, Gila, Graham, Greenlee, La Paz, Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz or Yuma County.

Infant Adoption placements are limited to families with no more than one child who have an infertility or medical issue that prevents or contraindicates pregnancy.

Couples must be emotionally and financially stable, legally married at least three years, and be between 25 and 50 years of age.

Families who do not meet all criteria may still adopt children who have special needs, including medical problems or significant background risks.

Assistance in International Adoption is available to families through our affiliation with Holt International Children’s Services, a long-established and highly regarded agency working in a number of countries.

Our Adoption Home Study Process includes:

  • Orientation to services and regulations
  • Five two-hour educational seminars, usually scheduled on Friday afternoon and evening and all day Saturday
  • Fingerprint and Department of Child Safety Clearances for all adults residing in the home
  • Five references from someone outside your family who knows you well
  • Medical Reports for each family member
  • Financial Statements, including a budget, your most recent IRS1040 form, and bank statements
  • Individual and Joint Interviews with one of our Adoption staff
  • A visit to your home

After completion of your Adoptive Home Study, we will submit your study to the court to obtain your Adoption Certification Order. We will assist you in preparing your Adoption Profile and will support you through the waiting process.

Once we place a child with you, staff will supervise your placement and take all necessary steps to complete your child’s adoption. We will also assist you in your adjustment to parenting and in developing a healthy relationship with your child’s birth parents, as needed.

How to participate:

You may call or email to learn about your options.

Please also visit our infant adoptions website at www.ccs-adoptions.org

Service Provider:

How You Can Reach Us:

Documents & Forms:

Locations Available:

    • Yuma
    • Santa Cruz
    • Pinal
    • Pima
    • La Paz
    • Greenlee
    • Cochise
    • Graham
    • Gila

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