Merilac Lodge - Group Home for Mothers and Infants

Merilac Lodge is a licensed residential group home for teens that are either pregnant or have babies/children. Merilac Lodge offers a structured program that requires residents to attend school or have a job. Residents learn how to better care for their children and themselves. They also learn the benefits of teamwork with the other residents. They have opportunities to acquire additional life skills and education that will lead to successful parenting and independent living.

Merilac Lodge operates ‘round the clock and has trained staff on duty at all times. The five-bedroom home has ample space for privacy and group activities. The home has a large family and living room, kitchen and dining area, computer corner area, and two play areas for children.

Volunteer Opportunities

Merilac Lodge Auxiliary raises money to pay for capital improvements and replacement of vehicles. The auxiliary hosts a holiday party for the residents and arranges for additional infant supplies, school supplies, and personal grooming items that are not covered by the resident’s monthly allowance.

Additional volunteers are needed for tutoring, childbirth instruction, and helping with routine yard work and maintenance.

For additional information about joining the Merilac Auxiliary or volunteering, call (520) 623-0344 x 1019.

How to participate:

Referral by caseworker. Caseworkers may use the direct contact phone number on their list when making a referral to Merilac Lodge.

Locations available:

For security, the direct phone number and address of Merilac Lodge are not available to the public.

Service Provider:

How You Can Reach Us:

  • General

    (520) 623-0344


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Locations Available:

    • Tucson

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