Immigration and Citizenship

With the complex nature of immigration law, it is vitally important that people seek out competent immigration services. Catholic Social Service’s Immigration and Citizenship Program and its staff are accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals. Workers are bilingual in Spanish and English.

We can assist you with your family-based cases, DACA (Dreamers Petitions), Adjustments to Lawful Permanent Residency, and citizenship by naturalization. We screen naturalization applicants for a waiver of government fees.


Notario fraud has become a significant problem in the United States. Even well-meaning notarios are unqualified and unauthorized to assist people with immigration applications and may cause lasting harm to their clients.

How to participate:

A consultation appointment must be completed first. The cost is $30. No walk-ins can be seen, and we do not provide information by phone. Call (520) 623-0344 ext. 1010 and leave a message to set up a consultation appointment.

If we open your case:

We will tell you how we will charge to process your case. Clients do not need to bring forms. We will provide all forms for family-based and citizenship petitions.

Service Provider:

How You Can Reach Us:

  • Tucson

    (520) 623-0344 ext. 7010
    140 W. Speedway, Suite 130
    Tucson, AZ 85705

Documents & Forms:

Locations Available:

    • Tucson

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