Meet The Robles Family

Five years ago, Alicia and Francisco Robles found themselves in a situation they never expected—becoming parents again in their late 60s. They brought their 2-year-old great-granddaughter Kateri into their home, and then, a year later, a newborn great-grandson, little Chuy.

Parenting at their age has been a challenge, but they’ve found tremendous support from Pio Decimo’s John Valenzuela Youth Center and child education programs. Kateri, now 7, has attended the after-school and summer programs at JVYC since she was in kindergarten. She loves to be there with her friends and to take part in all the activities.

“I don’t know how families survive without JVYC,” says Alicia. “Kateri loves to do everything she can.”

Chuy, now 4, attends Pio Decimo’s all-day child education program. When he was younger, Alicia sought DES assistance for Chuy to go to daycare, but they weren’t eligible because they were retired. At Pio Decimo, Chuy was eligible for an Open Door scholarship, and he started at age 3.

“He was so ready,” said Alicia. “He knew his numbers and colors and letters, but he just needed to be with other kids. We’ve seen so much growth in him.”

Pio Decimo’s programs give Kateri and Chuy exactly what they need. They also give Alicia and Francisco what they need—a break from parenting so they can be at their best when the children come home. “It has been wonderful for us in our late age,” said Alicia. “Pio Decimo keeps us together as a whole.”

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