Meet Anastacia

Anastacia Lopez really just wanted to go home. She had been living with her daughter Elva after she suffered a fall, and even though she had her own room and family around her, she wasn’t happy. She wanted to be back in her home of nearly 50 years.

Elva finally relented. Anastacia was still mentally sharp at nearly 90 years old, and her home was close by. But she wouldn’t be able to cook, having lost her sense of smell, so Elva turned to CCS-Yuma’s Senior Nutrition program to arrange home-delivered meals.

“We have a pretty large family, but with our busy schedules, we worried that we wouldn’t be able to get over every day to prepare meals for her,” said Elva. “Having meals brought in is such a blessing for us as a family. We know she’s getting a good meal every day.”

Anastacia, now in her early 90’s, is living in her own home, thanks to the home-delivered meals as well as the aid of a caregiver who comes in daily. With her basic needs taken care of, her time with her family is spent doing fun things, like going to the senior center where Elva and her husband occasionally give a musical performance.

Granddaughter Wendy is glad to see Anastacia happy. “It’s a blessing for her and for us that she is able to maintain her autonomy and independence. She is where she wants to be—in her own house with her own things. The meals from CCS play a big part of that, and we’re very grateful.”