Meet Mario and Nancy

Mario and Nancy never really thought about buying a home. They were living with relatives and couldn’t find enough money for an apartment, let alone a house. But that changed when they moved into Pio Decimo Center’s transitional housing and began taking part in classes and counseling to improve their finances.

“They asked us to set a goal, so we put ‘buy a home,’” said Nancy. “But we never really thought we could achieve it.”

With the help of budgeting classes and Pio’s low-rent housing and free child care for their two young daughters, Mario and Nancy began building their savings. They also took a course to better understand the home-buying process.

Over time, Mario and Nancy began to see that their goal was actually achievable. It still wasn’t easy, but in the end, with the help of Pio’s staff and a down payment assistance match on their savings, everything worked out, and the family is now living in their own home.

Mario and Nancy learned a valuable life lesson—that they could set a goal and achieve it. They also learned that there really are people who want to help. Their youngest daughter received an early childhood education scholarship at Pio Decimo, the first given out by the Open Door Scholarship Fund in loving memory of Elizabeth Ann Parkman.

“We are so thankful to Pio,” said Mario. “They were always finding ways to help us. And now we have something we can say is our own.”