Meet The Barr Family

After raising three children, Dani Barr was at a crossroads. She didn’t know where to go with her life and prayed that God would show her. The answer came soon after, as she was working at the church where her husband Christian is the minister.

Aidan, a young man in their youth program, showed up at the church with case workers from the Department of Child Safety. He had told them that the Barrs would take him in, and the case workers wanted to see if they would.

In that moment, Dani knew what God wanted her to do—become a mom to children in need of a family.

“I knew I could do that,” said Dani. “I wasn’t qualified for much, but I knew how to love and how to be a mom.”

Dani and Christian welcomed Aidan into their home, became certified foster parents through CCS-Sierra Vista, and started a new in journey in life. Since then, they have fostered three other pre-teen and teen boys, who are usually difficult to place. They have also adopted a baby girl, something they never expected.

“We’re in love with her,” said Dani. “She is so absolutely loved.”

Being a foster family isn’t easy, but Dani finds that there is “enough grace in every day” to meet the challenges. In return, she and her family have felt the blessings.

“Our whole family has received so much love,” said Dani. “It fills my heart in a way I did not expect. I’m so grateful that when DCS showed up we said, “Yes!”