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Youth and adults with disabilities can access a variety of training and job options through Vocational Services. From high school and beyond, our committed team of specialists works closely with each person to identify their talents, help them develop their skills, and help them integrate into the community.

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Vocational Services works with local businesses to link them with suitable, pre-screened applicants in order to meet their recruiting needs and diversify their workforce. Many of our business industry partners help prepare future workers by offering volunteers, training/educational opportunities, and mentoring options to our participants.

Please fill out the online contact form if you are interested in enrolling a person in a Vocational Services program. A member of our staff will get in touch with you during regular business hours (M-F, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM).

***Vocational Services are funded through the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) and the Arizona’s Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VR). Private Pay is also accepted.

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Vocational Services helps each of its participants set, prepare for, and accomplish their career goals by using a person-centered approach to planning. We offer services to youth and adults with various types of disabilities, with a focus on the following fields of expertise:

Customized Employment

Customized Employment

  • Customized Employment provides the chance to find gainful employment that is reflective of the individual's interests and talents for people with disabilities who want to enter the workforce.
  • Customized Employment uses a method called “Discovery” to determine the client’s “Genius.” Every person is great at something and all individuals tend to be the best at what they love to do. In addition to earning minimum wage or above, program participants also earn recognition for their unique contributions.
  • Our ACRE Certified Employment Specialists network with a variety of Arizona employers, assisting them in discovering how a person with a disability can be a valuable addition to their workforce. Once the employer's needs are known, a position is created that, in a way that benefits everyone, connects a client's genius with the employer's unmet need. After that, an experienced Job Coach supports the participant on the job while also providing continued training.
  • Participants can achieve true inclusion with the help of Customized Employment.
Benefits Counseling

Benefits Counseling

  • Our Community Work Incentive Coordinator (CWIC) gives detailed advice to Social Security disability recipients about how an earning goal would affect their access to other public benefits, such as Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security disability payments. Work incentive counseling includes the following activities:
    • Determining eligibility for work incentive counseling services;
    • Providing information about and referrals to programs that support work;
    • Gathering information about the beneficiary and verifying their public benefits;
    • Providing individualized advisement, including a Benefits Summary & Analysis (BS&A) report; and
    • Providing proactive ongoing work-related benefits support.
Trial Work Experience

Trial Work Experience and Work Adjustment Training

  • In TWE and WAT services, individuals learn the fundamental skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Work readiness abilities, sometimes referred to as soft skills, employability skills, or work readiness abilities, are practiced within local businesses and other Non-Profits.
  • TWE and WAT prepare individuals for integrated, competitive employment
  • Our work adjustment training are:
    • Tailored sites to individual preferences
    • Time limited
    • Integrated in the community
    • Paid/unpaid positions
    • Person-centered
    • Developed and assessed based on appropriate work skills such as:
      • Communication
      • Teamwork
      • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
      • Task/Time Management and Organization
      • Attendance
      • Managing Symptoms/Effects of Disability
      • Appearance & Hygiene
      • Self-Management
Job Development and Placement

Job Development and Placement

  • Our highly trained and certified staff provide job development service which include:
    • Direct support in acquiring job-seeking skills
    • Resume writing assistance
    • Job application support
    • Mock interviews
    • Dressing for successful interviews
    • Transport to interviews
    • Encouragement
    • Matching career objectives with the right businesses
    • Accommodations assessments
    • Carved out job opportunities
Job Coaching

Job Coaching

  • Our professional and trained job coaching staff provide supported employment services, which include:
    • Individualized support at the worksite
    • A job analysis
    • Adapting to the work environment and culture
    • Resources and on-the-job tools
    • Assistance with learning transportation to work site
    • Asking for accommodations
    • Working on social skills
    • Follow-ups with employer
  • This service can continue long-term when the individual has long-term employment supports in place
Rehabilitation Instructional Services

Rehabilitation Instructional Services: Includes Individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

  • By offering specially designed rehabilitation services, trained personnel help people with disabilities increase their level of independence. These services can be offered in a setting that is either individual or group-based.Orientation and Adjustment to Disability Services
    • Orientation and Mobility Training Services
    • Independent Living Skills Development Services
    • Manual Adaptive Communication Training
Supported Education

Supported Education

  • A trained staff member works with individuals using teaching strategies that get them ready for the education or training required to obtain employment.
    • Assisting clients in one-on-one educations or training goals
    • Exploring educational goals
    • Orientation to post-secondary programs
    • Learning to advocate for accommodations
    • Organizational skills needed for post-secondary programs
    • Learning how to use post-secondary sites to monitor grades/progress
    • Scheduling classes
    • Obtaining financial assistance
    • Learning how to obtain private funds
    • Post secondary resources
    • Tutoring
    • Social events
Career Exploration

Career Exploration

  • Individuals have the opportunity to examine the key elements of a job with qualified staff. With the help of these services, individuals will be better able to make educated decisions about their careers and make choices that are in line with their interests, skills, and areas of strength.
Group Supported Employment

Group Supported Employment (GSE)

  • This group service provides individuals who are members of the Division of Developmental Disabilities, with an on-site supervised work environment in a community employment setting.
  • GSE is provided in an integrated community work setting:
    • To promote community integration
    • To be paid at least minimum wage
    • To provide individuals with the opportunity to work in an environment that allows for the most interaction among diverse populations
    • To helps individuals develop positive work habits, attitudes, skills, and work etiquette related to worksite
  • Worksite settings may include: a community business or qualified vendor-owned/rented facilities that are used primarily to serve the public and employ members (e.g. retail stores, restaurants, government buildings, etc.)

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